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What is area? area is an installation that can be manipulated with SMS or WAP. The installation was our contribution to the ARTGENDA 2000 festival in Helsinki.

Users were able to use their mobile phones to feed text into the installation. The text controls an environment that generates real-time music. area was also accsessible via this web site. Everything one did with his/hers personal interface influenced the installation at the festival site and all the other connected user interfaces in real-time.

The festival is long gone and the online SMS/WAP service is down, but you can test the magic with our offline version and use your keyboard instead.
Enjoy. area was part of The Intencities Project that gathered several artists from Helsinki to contribute to the Artgenda 2000 festival. We also arranged special events together with other artists and used our real-time movement visualisation system to eat peoples' eyes out.